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European REACH Information

European REACH Information

OET is a unique and effective odor control that neutralizes odors on a variety of surfaces. It is simple to formulate and especially effective for elimination of ammonia, amines, and thio-organics. 
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OFC/OFC-PF are fully formulated Mineral Seal Oil free automotive drying agent concentrates. OFC/OFC-PF offers many benefits including superior water sheeting/beading properties. For the added benefit of being phenol ethoxylate free, choose OFC-PF.

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OFS is a patented Mineral Seal Oil replacement that can be formulated at similar costs to Mineral Seal Oil based systems without the problems caused by variations in Mineral Seal Oil.

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A high foaming hydrotroping surfactant with corrosion inhibition properties in certain acidic formulae.
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OGNTS is a one component emulsifier for producing pH neutral solvent micro-emulsions. Formulate with a broad range of solvents.
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OSP is a polymer system specially designed to create an invisible protective barrier on hard surfaces. It is an excellent additive for outdoor window cleaning. 
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