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European REACH Information

European REACH Information

NHD2 is a naturally derived surfactant for producing dioxane-free hand dish and hand soap formulations capable of meeting Green Seal and USDA BioPreferred program standards.
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NLS90 is a naturally derived surfactant system for laundry and pre-spotter, floor cleaners and hand dish applications. Formulate laundry detergents for top loading or high efficiency front loading machines, a low cost dish formula or a high dilution floor cleaner with the versatility of NLS90. Stable in peroxide.

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NQ3 is a “naturally derived” version of Q3 which has identical physical and performance characteristics of Q3 with a bio-based content of 43%.  It is a highly efficient surfactant with remarkable wetting and detergency properties which allow for VOC exempt degreaser formulations, without sacrificing performance.  It is highly effective under dilution and stable in acids, alkali and peroxides.  In addition, the environmental profile is exceptional and the chemistry is listed on the Cleangredients list. 
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NSA is a 100% active non-silicone additive for solvent based tire/vinyl dressings. Perfect in places where silicones cannot be tolerated.
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A foaming bucket wash concentrate with superior water beading properties that leaves a durable, wax-like finish. Easy to formulate with and thickens on dilution. NSW4 is also DEA and NPE free!
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