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European REACH Information

European REACH Information

BJSi is a proprietary, low pH, organic salt used to replace traditional mineral and organic acids. Vitech International’s BJSi can remove calcium carbonate 50-80% more effectively than phosphoric, citric, and glycolic with additional safety, shipping and handling benefits. Ideal for formulating a green, Safer Choice or Green Seal® approved product, BJSi is phosphate free, VOC exempt and a low contributor to BOD/COD in effluents.
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An excellent hypochlorite stable hydrotrope.
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A hypochlorite bleach stable surfactant used to build viscosity or provide wetting in chlorine bleach systems.  Typically, BVM is used in conjunction with ILBT, another product used to build viscosity in bleach.  It will produce high levels of foam and can therefore be a useful secondary surfactant in some cleaner formulations, especially those using Q3 or eQi technology.
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BW is an aqueous anionic polymer that provides dispersing and anti-redeposition of soils in a wide range of applications, including laundry, transportation cleaning and degreasing, and scale removal. BW effectively suspends many types of solids while being cost effective and requiring only low usage levels. BW is stable in alkali, peroxide, percarbonate, hypochlorite, and most acidic formulations.

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