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European REACH Information

European REACH Information

Windshield And Glass Cleaners


CTD100 is a surfactant silicone copolymer that acts as a gloss aid in multiple cleaning applications including household retail cleaners as well as auto detail products. Click for CTD100 (pdf)


EGM is a polymeric surfactant system for producing VOC exempt glass cleaners and multi-surface cleaners. Formulate a cleaner without solvents, glycol ethers or ammonia that will pass current Green Seal® and EcoLogo protocols.

Click for EGM iDATA (pdf)

RXA is a unique, reactive silicon based product for producing hydrophobic properties on hard surfaces. It chemically binds to the surface to produce a durable protective coating. 
Click for RXA iDATA (pdf)


WA is a silicone/surfactant system used as a windshield washer fluid additive. WA provides water beading/sheeting properties.

Click for WA iDATA (pdf)