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European REACH Information

European REACH Information

Part of Vitech's family of Acid Replacement Technologies, A85 is a safe, low pH organic salt used primarily as a low cost of acidity, a pH adjuster, and is an effective companion acid for other Vitech technologies. It aids in brightening of aluminum and can also replace certain mineral acids in some applications. A85 is classified as non-irritant to skin, is non-fuming, and ships non-regulated in the United States and Canada.

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AFA is a silicone free, anti-fog additive for glass cleaner formulas. This economical additive can be post added to most traditional glass cleaners or used with Vitech International’s VOC exempt glass cleaning technology, EGM.
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ALB is a safe, DOT non-regulated alternative to hydrofluoric acid and other traditional acids. It is an effective aluminum brightener and oxidation remover, while also being very effective at removing complex silicates.

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APW replaces hydrofluoric, ammonium bifluoride and other traditional acids. Especially effective at cleaning rust and iron salts. Excellent as a wheel cleaner to remove brake and wheel dust.

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ARO is a unique and effective odor control that neutralizes odors on soft surfaces. It is simple to formulate and especially effective for elimination of ammonia, amines, and thio-organics.
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An amphoteric coupling agent/hydrotrope for solubilizing nonionic surfactants into highly alkaline/caustic systems.
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ASM is a durable fluorinated surface protector for resisting oil, water and stains on soft surfaces. It is highly effective on carpet, upholstery and leather.  
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